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  • Should Men Invest in Skincare?

    Posted on June 01 2017

    Father’s Day is coming up so it’s a very appropriate time to contemplate the following questions, are skincare products a good Father’s day gift? Should your man invest in skincare...

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    Posted on May 05 2017

    Get your body ready for Summer with this Dry Brush Skin Ritual! No more cellulite!!   One effective way to get rid of cellulite and get swimsuit ready is to...

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  • How often should I clean my skin?

    Posted on April 15 2017

    Q: How important is my cleanser and how often should I clean my skin?   A: This is a good question and one that I get a lot. The type...

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  • How to Renew your Skin for Spring!

    Posted on March 23 2017

    With a new Season comes a new opportunity to care for your skin. Spring is the time of renewal and a great time to take inventory of your products. What...

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  • Alternate your Daily Skincare Regimen!

    Posted on December 18 2016

    Mix it up! When it comes to having a glowing complexion, it's important to mix up your skin care products so that your skin doesn't suffer from skin cell receptor...

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  • Stay Hydrated for a Radiant Complexion!

    Posted on December 18 2016

    Remember that internal hydration is the key to a radiant and luminous complexion. Since drinking water can be challenging during the winter months, herbal teas are one of my favorite...

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  • Pumpkin Seeds to combat Hormonal Acne

    Posted on December 18 2016

    Pumpkin seeds are another superfood for the skin. Rich in zinc, which help maintain collagen production and promote cellular renewal, pumpkin seeds are also excellent for fighting acne without the...

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  • Skin Discoloration & Pigmentation Q&A Series

    Posted on December 07 2016

    Q: I notice that I am getting more and more skin discoloration. What causes this and what can I do about it? A: Skin discoloration due to sun exposure, hormones...

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  • Goji berries for anti-aging!

    Posted on December 04 2016

    Who doesn't want healthy, beautiful skin? Did you know that goji berries are packed with vitamin C and vitamin A? The high antioxidants found in goji berries make them a...

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  • Beauty Tips Oil vs Moisturizer

    Posted on December 03 2016

    Are there any benefits to using oil vs moisturizer on the skin? Can they be used together and if so how do you layer them? As an aesthetician, this is...

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  • Loving-kindness for beautiful skin!

    Posted on December 02 2016

    What does loving kindness have to do with beautiful skin? A whole lot might I add. The first step in achieving a glowing complexion is to love up yourself AND...

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  • Beauty Tips Day 1. Advent Calendar

    Posted on December 01 2016

    Growing up in Denmark, my mom always made a daily advent calendar with little gifts that I so looked forward to opening every day as a count down to Christmas...

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  • Scandinavian Inspired Skincare

    Posted on November 26 2016

    When I started creating my own line of pure handcrafted skincare products, I found inspiration in the way I was brought up. The idea that everything we use in life has meaning...

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    Posted on May 10 2016

    Weather changes always affect the skin; therefore it is helpful to modify your regular home care routine now that summer is here.  Since the weather is getting warmer and more...

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  • Do Facial Oils Clog the Skin?

    Posted on May 04 2016

    Facial oils also sometimes called facial serums are becoming very popular due to their emollient properties and purity of ingredients.  There are different categories of oils; some are more moisturizing...

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    Posted on March 08 2016

    Is your skin under stress? Adult acne, clogged pores, inflammation, pimples, … argh! Kind of makes you want to scream; and is sure to cause mild anxiety for anyone who...

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  • Skincare Tips for Air Travel

    Posted on March 07 2016

    MY FOUR TOP SKINCARE TIPS FOR AIR TRAVEL Traveling can cause havoc on the skin, so I wanted to share my four favorite tips on how to keep your skin...

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  • Welcome to Gunilla Skin Alchemy!

    Posted on September 14 2015

    These are my personal musings on beauty alchemy, life, love, and what constitutes beauty. I find inspiration in the rhythm of nature, dance, movement, scent, words and passionate luminous beings. Growing...

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