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Coming from Denmark, a country of fair-skinned freckled people, and growing up in a family of sensitive skin types prone to psoriasis and eczema, I did not want to start using toxic products on my skin nor start relying on steroid creams to keep my sensitive skin at bayso I began to experiment with plant oils and botanical essences to soothe inflammation and irritation in the skin.

When I became an esthetician some years later, I began incorporating essential oils into my facial treatments to treat imbalances in my client’s skin. After months of testing and fine-tuning specific formulations for different skin conditions, Gunilla Skin Alchemy was born. An alternative to commercial skincare creams and a delicate balancing act between plant science and alchemy for the skin. 

Gunilla Eisenberg – BIO
As the owner and operator of the popular San Francisco boutique spa Gunilla Skin Butik, Gunilla combined her passion for beautiful scents with her in-depth knowledge of skin care and began custom-blending essential oils for use in her facial treatments. Her luxurious yet effective facials became a necessity for Bay Area women, earning Gunilla praise from both local and national magazines, including San Francisco and Allure. Clients loved the results so much they began asking to take home Gunilla’s oil blends, and in 2012 Gunilla Skin Alchemy was launched with four oils--Hydrate, Balance, Soothe, and Rejuvenate.

Reasons Your Skin 
Needs Gunilla

• It’s thirsty. 
• It’s tired. 
• Coachella.

"Denmark has produced many greats: Hans Christian Andersen of classic fairytale fame;  blond bombshell Brigitte Nielsen; and Lars von Trier, modern cinema’s avante garde maestro. Add to the list Gunilla Eisenberg of Gunilla Skin Alchemy.

Having cut her teeth at her eponymous Cow Hollow salon, Gunilla Skin Butik, S.F.’s skin whisperer launched a moisturizing product line made from rich oils found in Morocco and Southern Spain. The result: a line of lovely almond and argon oil-based products that heal with a hint of exotic.

Dabble in the line’s Rosewater Mist and Hydrate Face Oil, a moisturizing facial oil that replenishes and restores parched skin while preserving its youthful bounce back and brightens lingering dark spots.

Let’s give it up for great Danes."
                                                ~ DailyCandy




Gunilla's facial oils are a vital part of my daily beauty routine. I'm very particular about what I put on my skin. After all, skin is the body's biggest organ, and I want to make sure the products I use are pure and chemical-free.

-Lissa Cowan, Montreal, Canada

A lot of people think oils clog the skin but mine has made a 180 since I stopped using creme moisturizers and switched to Gunilla's products. I really noticed a change in the balance of my skin, a lot less redness and a much more even skin tone.

-Ashley G. San Francisco, CA, product developer Sephora