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"Gunilla Eisenberg uses her own handmade products and bestows valuable knowledge to make her facials a "can't miss."  


"The complete ultrasonic facial at Gunilla Eisenberg’s tucked-away Cow Hollow salon utilizes ultrasound waves to help anti-aging and pigment-balancing products penetrate our skin. Eisenberg’s bedside manner is warm and jovial, making an otherwise intimidating prospect a pleasant affair. For an everyday fix, we swear by her custom line of rose-scented face oils and cleansers." 
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"Gunilla Eisenberg, the genius behind Gunilla Skin Butik, studied skin and the way it moves and feels for many years. Traveling to parts unknown, she set up her wisdom and camp in San Francisco offering her clients the best of what skin can do. Let her transform your life and make you, the best you possible. Our recommendation: The Alchemy Ritual"
 Bob's Cut Magazine

"Natural oils, like Skin Alchemy's Soothe Facial Oil are the best, since essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial." 

 Men's Journal




“After a friend recently tipped me off to the wonders of Gunilla Skin Butik—an allnatural apothecary line by San Francisco facialist Gunilla Eisenberg—I became instantly obsessed with one thing in particular: this pure, organic rosewater mist. I’ve taken to carrying it around in my purse and using it whenever I need a little pick-me-up. It smells delicate and flowery, and with just a couple spritzes to the face, you feel as if you’d just come out of the spa. (Insider tip: Use just after finishing your makeup for a subtly dewy look.)”

Emily Hsieh, May 2012

Wall Street Journal

“Gunilla Eisenberg, founder of Gunilla Skin Alchemy, spent several months of sourcing eco-friendly oils for her high-end beauty products…”

Wall Street Journal, August 2014

Daily Candy

“Give your face the Cinderella treatment at Gunilla Skin Butik, a one-woman skin haven devoted to pampering your epidermis the Scandinavian way.

Daily Candy, February 2012

Sunset Magazine

“At her cult San Francisco Spa Gunilla Eisenberg blends essential oils and herbs mostly from Northern Caliornia, for her Gunilla Skin Alchemy line.”

Sunset Magazine, June 2013

San Francisco Magazine

“Aesthetician’s handmade Argan-oil facial products for every skin type.”

San Francisco Magazine, March 2012


“Traveling between tropical climates and subzero zones all winter had left our face looking tired, so Eisenberg prescribed her Better an Botox facial… By the end, we felt—and looked—like we’d just woken from a great night’s sleep.”

Allure Magazine, April 2008


Voted “Best of the Best.”

Allure Magazine, April 2007


“When I’m wiped out from hours of staring at a computer screen, I crawl into Gunilla’s salon for a rejuvenating facial. Besides having a cute Danish accent, Gunilla has wondrous hands with which she applies aromatherapy potions and vitamin serums and gives an awesome foot massage. I come out of there feeling 10 years youn ger every time. She does a variety of facials from European to enzyme, ultrasonic and micro-dermabrasion treatments. She also does special treatments for brides, gentlemen and teenagers.”

SFGate, November 2006

Daily Candy

“Did someone say “calm bride”? Fairy tales just may come true.”

Daily Candy, September 2006

Daily Candy

“Eisenberg’s general advice to clients runs the gamut from alternating between different skincare lines (“It’s important to surprise your skin so it doesn’t suffer from product fatigue,” she explains) to cleansing your skin for at least 30 seconds before rinsing off.”

SFStation: Hidden Gems for the Skincare Buff, June 2006

Daily Candy

“Savvy brides are opting for a boutique approach to beauty… facialist in town.”

Modern Bride Northern California, Spring 2006

Daily Candy

“Best facialist in town!

San Francisco Magazine, 2004v>